I had a movie which needed professional video production. I contracted out my production aspect to MAD HOUSE and in no time, I had the results. All aspects were taken care of and all I had to do was sit back and relax
Jared Miller

MAD HOUSE handles projects with little or no supervision. They understood my exact concepts and effectively brought it to life. I don’t know what I’d do without them
Miley Johnson

I needed a video production company to perform a live coverage of a conference which I was organizing in my hometown and I was seriously running out of time. A friend introduced me to MAD HOUSE and although I was skeptical at first, my opinion about them changed drastically when I saw the quality on their work. They’re truly awesome people
Benjamin Frank

The level of professionalism and accuracy with which MAD HOUSE handled my brand advert was the main reason that made me choose them as my permanent video production company. They’re just awesome
- Rachel Mazlo

For years, I’ve been doing business with MAD HOUSE and I‘ve never once had a reason to complain. They take care of tasks with optimal efficiency and they can always be trusted to bring out the very best out of any project
Richard Weller

We keep good company with great clients